Elske Wilton / Painter


Elske Wilton-Pfaeltzer was born in The Netherlands into a family of academics and artists. With two successful artistic sisters in the family, she herself chose to go to the University of Utrecht and Leiden, where she received a master’s degree in languages.

Later, together with her husband, she travelled the world, working as a journalist during the Lebanese civil war and then, as a result of her husband joining the Netherlands diplomatic service, living in Australia, Germany, Sweden and Malta.

While abroad - like many in her family - Elske took up painting. Now she has permanently settled in The Hague, where she has her own studio.

Exhibitions from 2010 onwards, a selection:
  • Den Haag, Atrium Stadhuis, Nominatie Haagse Schilderkunst Award, 2010
  • Noordwijk Schilder Festival, 2010
  • Malta, Valletta, Din l’Art Helwa, 2010
  • Marlot Kunst exhibition, 2011
  • Karin Koch Gallery, 2012
  • Benoordenhuys Gallery, 2012
  • Kloosterkerk exhibition, 2012
  • Noordwijk Schilderfestival, 2012 and 2013
  • Trappenberg Exhibition, 2014
  • Gallery Schippers, 2015
  • Gallery Aquadraat, 2015
  • Atlanta, Ga, Exhibition at the King’s Birthday Reception, 2015 and 2017
  • Kunstroute Marlot, The Hague, 2018
  • Nederlandse Protestanten Bond, Wassenaar, 2018
Awards and Recognition
  • Leyden University, The Netherlands, official portrait of Prof. Dr Hans Romijn, 2008
  • London, UK, Portrait of the President of the Historic Railway Society of Great Britain, Mr. David Morgan, 2009
  • Selected for the Cecilia Beaux Forum Program for Emerging Woman Artists, Portrait Society of America, 2015, Mentor Sam Robinson
  • Official portrait of HM King Willem-Alexander in the oldest gentlemen’s Club (‘Trou moet blycken”) in The Netherlands, Haarlem, 2015
  • Official portraits of HM King Willem-Alexander and HM Queen Maxima of The Netherlands in the RABO Bank in Atlanta, Ga., 2017
  • Finalist, Portrait Society of Atlanta, Atlanta, USA, annual competition, 2018
  • Selected for Cecilia Beaux Forum Program for Emerging Woman Artists, Portrait Society of America, Mentor Linda Harris Reynolds, 2019
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