Elske Wilton / Painter


Elske Wilton-Pfaeltzer was born in The Netherlands into a family of academics and artists. With two successful artistic sisters in the family, she herself chose to go to the University of Utrecht and Leiden, where she received a masters degree in languages.

Later, together with her husband, she travelled the world, working as a journalist during the Lebanese civil war and then, as a result of her husband joining the Netherlands diplomatic service, living in Australia, Germany, Sweden and Malta.

While abroad - like many in her family - Elske took up painting. Now she has permanently settled in The Hague, where she has her own studio.

Elske is member of the Portrait Society of America and the Cecilia Beaux Forum.

Exhibitions and conferences from 2002 onward, a selection:
  • 2002 Den Haag, Marlot Kunstprijs
  • 2002 London, Coventry, Gallery Food for Thought
  • 2002 Den Haag Vrije Academie, groepsexpositie
  • 2003 Malta, Valletta, Din l’Art Helwa, solo
  • 2004 Malta, Lija, Melitensia Fine Art
  • 2005 Malta, San Anton, Corinthia Palace Hotel, solo
  • 2008 Malta, Valletta, Din l’Art Helwa
  • 2009 Amsterdam, Prinseneiland Kunstkerk
  • 2009 Malta, Valletta, Din l’Art Helwa
  • 2009 Den Haag, Atrium Stadhuis, Nominatie Haagse Schilderkunst Award
  • 2010 Noordwijk Schilder Festival
  • 2010 Malta, Valletta, Din l’Art Helwa
  • 2011 American Society of Portrait Painters Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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