Elske Wilton / Painter


Elske Wilton-Pfaeltzer is a painter of portraits and landscapes in oil on canvas and panel. She also sketches portraits with red chalk on coloured Canson paper.

"I have always been interested in people, in finding out what makes the unique. I spent many years living abroad, starting out in Lebanon during the Lebanese civil war. After experiencing all the sorrow of the destruction of so many lives I turned to the creative process of portrait painting. I wanted to concentrate on the positive side of humankind - to build up instead of destroy, to show the very best of each person by holding up a loving mirror.
I use oil paints because I want my choice of colours to create the right atmosphere to emphasize the positive side of that person. Once the features are in place the real story begins. Absolutely everything (colour, value, temperature, form) in the whole picture plane should help to tell the story of who my subject is and what drives him of her.
In my drawings I also seek to capture the essence of the person. But here the approach is more sparse, with one line or one shadow saying it all. It’s this search for the ‘what, how and where ‘ that fascinates me.
By envisaging the local community and the breadth of the natural landscape I got a unique insight into the environment in which I was living at the time.”

Elske is member of the Portrait Society of America and the Cecilia Beaux Forum.

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